About Leanne Crow

Measurements 44-28-36
Bra Size 34-J
Height 5' 7"
Weight 142 lbs.
Birthday June 2nd

Like other amazing Brits before her, such as Linsey Dawn, Kerry Marie, Lorna Morgan and Kelly Kay, nature has blessed Londoner Leanne Crow. She has spectacular 34J-cups and a slim and stacked body! Leanne was a natural for SCORE and Voluptuous and has joined the big-boob specialists for photo shoots in Mexico and the Caribbean. Leanne's a former cheerleader and likes to wrestle!

"I was a very late bloomer," she remembered. "I didn't develop until I was around 16 years old and then it was like they grew overnight. It was crazy because I was flat-chested throughout most of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other girls because I was extremely flat-chested and they all had boobs. I actually used to stuff my bra and I couldn't go swimming because it would be like I had boobs and then in a swimsuit, I didn't." How things have changed! Many consider Leanne to be in the tradition of the classic SCORE Girl.

See one of Britain's best breast goddesses at LeanneCrowVideos.com.