The Hot Sweater Chick

The Hot Sweater Chick

Leanne goes for the hot chick look. Tight Cardigan over orange brassiere that supports her 34J's. Tight jeans. Thong panties. Skyscraper heels. It doesn't get better than this, SCORE Men.

When Leanne is out in public, how does she dress herself? We saw a glimpse in On Location Puerto Vallarta and Leanne's Stacked Summer.

"I have so many different styles," Leanne explained. "I never stick to just one look. Sometimes I dress like a rock star with laced-up boots and funky jackets and ripped T-shirts with faces printed on them. I have my girly days of all pink. I have my classy days of smart blazers and cute heels. Or I'll have my lazy day and you'll see me in a hoodie and leggings. It just depends on my mood that day. I go through color phases sometimes too. I'll love red and buy everything that color and wear that for a while , then I'll change to another color!"
Featuring: Leanne Crow
Date: May 20th, 2024
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Sexy lady!

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